What Are Some Sample Mensa Test Questions and Answers?


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The Mensa Test contains mathematical questions, such as, "What's number is one more than one-tenth of one-fifth of one-half of 4,000?" Also, expect analytical questions such as, "Jane went to visit Jill. Jill is Jane's only husband's mother-in-law's only husband's only daughter's only daughter. What relation is Jill to Jane?"

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The Mensa Test is just one of many approved intelligence tests that Mensa accepts. To gain entry into Mensa, an applicant must score within the top 2 percent on an approved test. The Mensa Test is offered by local proctors that can be located through the official Mensa website. Applicants can attempt a free online quiz called the Mensa Workout to get an idea of what the full test entails.

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