What Is a Sample Letter Requesting College Financial Aid?

A sample letter requesting college financial aid is an example of how to write and list reasons why a student should receive funding to attend college. The sample letter may be needed to accompany online or paper-based financial aid applications and financial forms, such as tax returns and financial aid transcripts from previous education institutions.

When requesting financial aid, a student needs to address the letter to the director of financial aid at the college she chooses to attend. The letter should begin with reasons why the student needs financial support from the higher education institution. Reasons may include unemployment, financial hardships such as debt or expenses, family responsibilities or low wages. The letter can also describe the reasons why obtaining an education can improve the student's prospects and well-being. The letter ought to include a list or breakdown of the events that led to these situations or hardships if the information is relevant. The final paragraph should include the additional documents enclosed as well as contact information for the student, including both an email address and a telephone number. The tone of the letter should be polite, respectful and professional, employing and displaying college-level writing skills. Therefore, the student needs to proofread for grammar, punctuation and organization.