What Does a Sample Letter of Acceptance Look Like?


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A sample letter of acceptance is addressed to a relevant party, specifically accepts the job, expresses gratitude for being hired, and restates pertinent details such as what the salary is and when medical benefits begin. The letter should end by providing a contact number and reiterating the work start date.

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What Does a Sample Letter of Acceptance Look Like?
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The beginning of the job acceptance letter contains the date it was written and the writer's name and contact information. The letter should address the relevant party as "Dear" followed by his last name.

The first paragraph should both express the writer's gratitude for being hired and restate the specifics of the position. The writer needs to reiterate that he accepts the position being offered. In this paragraph, the letter should have the employer's name, the specific job title for which the writer has been hired, and the name of the supervisor for the position. This paragraph should end by the writer expressing confidence that his abilities and the job's requirements are well-suited to each other.

A brief middle paragraph can mention job details specified in the interview, such as specifics about salary and medical coverage.

In the final paragraph, the writer should thank the individual for making the interview process pleasurable and express eagerness to begin working with the company. This paragraph also reiterates when the new position begins and provides a contact phone number if the company needs to reach the new employee before the start date.

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