What Are Some Sample by-Laws for a Student Club?


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The sample bylaws of a student club include the name of the organization, its purpose, its membership organization, membership meetings and the top officers' details. It also includes committee details, parliamentary authority to form the club, institution policies and its amendments.

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The name field details the organization's formal name. The purpose contains the organization's formal name, its purpose and the objectives it plans to accomplish. The membership bylaw details admission of new members and how they become members. It also details the privileges, responsibilities and rights that accrue to each member. The membership meeting bylaw states the interval it takes between two meetings, and the meeting notification details.

It also states who is responsible for calling the meeting and the quorum needed to commence a meeting. The officers' bylaws state the titles of elected officials, their qualifications and the period they must serve. Officers' terms of office, their duties and conditions of vacancy and removal are included in this section. Committee bylaws dictate the committee responsibilities and how a committee member may be appointed or removed. The parliamentary authority bylaw declares compliance with the national authority.

An institution policy bylaw declares compliance with the specific institution regulations. The amendments bylaw dictates procedures of how any amendments proposed to the bylaws are to be carried out.

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