How Do You Find Sample Jurisprudence Exam Questions and Answers?

Find sample jurisprudence exam questions on the RNSpeak and College of Nurses of Ontario websites. Both sites have practice questions and answers that serve as examples of what to expect on the real exam.

The RNSpeak test covers nursing ethics, laws and legal liabilities in the nursing practice, and the principles and rules that govern nursing. The test also has questions on informed consent, incident reports and wills. Simply hit the Start button to begin the test. The test is multiple-choice, with four choices per question. To complete the test, select one choice for each question. Questions you do not answer count as wrong. Once you are finished answering all 25 questions, click on the Get Results button to see how well you performed. The results display which questions you answered correctly and which ones you did not. The results also display the right answers to each question you answered wrong.

On the College of Nurses of Ontario site, there are five questions, each with four possible choices. You are provided the right answer under each question and given a reason why the other answers are wrong. In addition, there is a linked page featuring reading material for each question.