What Are Some Sample IEP Reading Goals?


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Sample reading goals for an IEP are: "In one month, the child will accurately read at least 80 percent of the words given" and "By the end of the year, the child will read any passage with 95 percent accuracy, meaning five or fewer errors for every 100 words read."

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A successful IEP reading goal must be constructed to be precisely measurable by the teacher, in order to monitor the progress of the student within a certain duration of time. For example, if the focus of the IEP is to improve the fluency of the student in reading, the goal could be phrased as, "The child will increase his/her fluency in reading a passage by increasing the number of words read per minute from 40 to 80 words in six months." Another example for measuring fluency is, "The child will read a passage at the rate of 80 words per minute while maintaining a 95-percent accuracy in the words read by the end of the semester."

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