What Are Some Sample GMAT Questions?


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A sample problem-solving GMAT question reads: "Running at the same constant rate, six identical machines can produce a total of 33 widgets per hour. At this rate, how many widgets could 14 such machines produce in three hours?" The answer choices include 66, 231, 462, 693 and 909, and the correct choice is 231.

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A sample verbal question is "Since Java coffee shop began advertising on the local radio station three months ago, its business volume has increased by 15 percent. In order to increase its business volume, Java’s next door competitor, Kahva, should also start advertising on the local radio station. Which of the following most weakens the argument's conclusion?" Five choices follow, the correct one of which is "Of the nine coffee shops that advertised on the local radio, only Java’s business increased."

As of 2015, the format of the GMAT includes an analytical writing assessment containing one question, an integration reading section containing 12 questions, a quantitative section with 37 questions and a verbal section with 41 questions. Allotted time for the test is 3.5 hours, with each section timed separately.

The integrated reasoning section includes graphic interpretation and table analysis, multi-source reasoning and two-part analysis. The quantitative section contains questions on data sufficiency and problem solving. The verbal section includes reading comprehension, critical reasoning and sentence correction.

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