What Does a Sample of a Congratulations Letter Look Like?


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A congratulations letter contains praise of a person's accomplishment early in the letter and an acknowledgement of the work that went into earning the accomplishment. The letter is written in a standard letter format with a salutation, body and closing.

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If the letter is a personal letter, the salutation is a simple opening, such as "Dear Rose." If the letter is professional or academic, the letter opens with the writer's information, including title and organization, the date and the receiver's name and address before the salutation. The body begins with the reason for the congratulations with a professional or academic letter listing the specific award or achievement. The next paragraph contains a reference to the person's work or drive that caused them to reach the goal, but only if it is appropriate to the tone of the letter. This part of the letter highlights the positive traits used to reach the goal.

If the letter is personal, the body of the letter is ended with an offer of support or an expression of confidence in the person's future. If it is a professional or academic letter, it is appropriate to commend the person and give well wishes for future endeavors. These statements are concluded with an additional congratulatory remark. A personal letter is closed with a personal comment, such as "With Love," while a professional or academic letter is closed formally, such as "With Regards." The closing is followed by a signature line.

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