What Are Some Sample Algebra 1 Homework Questions and Answers?


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Some examples of algebra 1 test include the following: Solve this problem for the variable x: 2(x+ 7) – 3(2x-4) = -18. The multiple choice options are as follows: A) x = 5; B) x = 11; C) x = -11; and D) x = -5. The answer is B.

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Other examples include: Simplify the following equation: (-3a^2b^2) (4a^5b^3)^3. The multiple choice options are as follows: A) -192a^8b^5; B) -12a17b11; C) -12a^8b^5; and D) -192a^17b^11. The correct answer is D.

Multiply the factors in the following equation: (2x + 5)(3x^2 – 2x - 4). The multiple choice options are as follows: A) 6x^3 + 11x^2 - 18x - 20; B) 6x^3 + 19x^2 +18x + 20; C) 21x^2 + 22x - 20; and D) 6x^3 + 15x^2 + 6x +12.

Algebra 1 homework questions and answers help students practice their test-taking skills and identify their strengths and weaknesses in the field to help make plans for improvement. Homework questions may involve solving or simplifying equations as above, but may also include word problems for which students are expected to graph equations and write them out from the information provided in the verbal problem. Other areas covered by homework problems may include monomials, polynomials, factoring and quadratic equations.

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