How Do You Find Sample Academic Appeal Letters?


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Sample academic appeal letters can be found by requesting them from a particular school and through different online databases of professional letter samples. Samples from online databases may be general in nature and should only be used as templates, as the actual appeal should address specific requirements and individual circumstances.

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Academic appeals require letters for a number of different reasons, including the appeal of a regulation impacting grades, progress, enrollment status and eligibility for financial aid supports. Because these letters request an action from those in authority, students should spend a significant amount of time drafting the letter, ensuring that it has a respectful tone and is without any grammatical errors. Students may even benefit from asking for help with the letter from a school advisor or counselor. The advisor may be able to provide the student with a sample letter previously submitted as a part of a similar successful appeal, and may have additional suggestions for personalization.

If assistance is not available from the school, general appeal letters found online offer some guidance as to the format often expected in this type of letter. However, it is important that the letter address instructions and include requirements related to the particular appeal.

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