What Does "salones Para Quinceaneras" Mean in English?


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"Salones para quinceañeras" is a Spanish phrase that translates to "quinceañera salons" in English. Word by word, "salones" translates to "salons" and "para" means "for." There is no direct English equivalent to the Spanish word "quinceañera." A quinceañera is a party held for a 15-year-old girl in Mexican tradition.

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The girl may need a salon to prepare her hair and makeup for her quinceañera. In this coming of age ceremony, the girl wears a formal dress that marks the change in her social status. Some quinceañeras are over-the-top displays of wealth and glamour, much like the "Sweet Sixteen" parties that are common in the United States. Traditionally, a Mexican girl celebrating her quinceañera wears a ceremonial headdress and carries a prayer book and rosary to show that she has become a woman.

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