What's the Use of Putting Vocabulary Words in Sentences?

Putting vocabulary words into sentences helps a student remember the word and truly understand how it is used. Providing the definition for a word can give only a limited understanding of the word. Putting the word to use in a sentence gives it context and a deeper meaning.

If a person reads a list of words with their definitions, the information is stored in their short-term memory. To allow the information to enter the long-term memory, it is best to associate the words with a meaningful idea, something more interesting than a dry definition. Creating a sentence allows the person to visualize the word and its meaning and gives a sense of any connotations it might have. By making up a sentence, a person can create a fun way to remember how to use a word.

Forming a sentence using a word utilizes visualization, a powerful memory tool. By creating a sentence using a vocabulary word the person is bringing the word to life. They are giving the word a more personal meaning by using it in a way that puts an image in his mind. Making sentences gives a more genuine understanding of vocabulary words than memorizing definitions, which are less personal.