What's a Good Way to Learn the Basics of the Hawaiian Language?


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One useful resource for learning the basics of the Hawaiian language is KSBE.edu, which offers an online Hawaiian language learning course for a small price. MangoLanguages.com is a site that teaches basic Hawaiian phrases through library databases, while HiSurf.com is a Hawaiian dictionary that translates single words from English to Hawaiian.

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As of 2015, KSBE.edu offers a general online learning course at a set price of $25. The lessons span three to four weeks, and students have access to the learned material for an entire year. One Hawaiian language and one culture course are available. Discounts are available for certain courses throughout the year. For interested learners, registration is accessible through the right column on the homepage.

MangoLanguages.com is a site that teaches basic Hawaiian phrases in addition to 70 other languages. The lessons are free, but are only available through public libraries that work in conjunction with the Mango Languages learning platform. To see if this platform is available near you, select Libraries & Education on the homepage, and enter your ZIP code. The site lists libraries that offer the services, but you are required to have a library card to access the learning platform.

For basic word translation, visit HiSurf.com and enter the word query within the search bar located in the right column. The site translates words from English to Hawaiian, so users can learn single Hawaiian words while easing into learning the Hawaiian language.

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