What's a Good Way to Get Copies of Past State Exams for Review?

Visit the website of the New York Office of State Assessment to get copies of past state exams for review. Select Past Examinations from the main header to view the types of exams available. The Office of State Assessment website offers copies of elementary, intermediate and high school state exams.

Copies of past fourth grade and eighth grade science tests are available in the elementary and intermediate section. This section also has copies of the past English language arts and mathematics tests for third through eighth grades. The fifth and eighth grade tests are the only past copies available of the social studies test.

There are more copies of past high school state exams on the Office of State Assessment website. Copies of past English language arts, mathematics, social studies and science tests are available for review. Within the mathematics section, there are past tests on algebra and geometry, while the science section has copies of past physics and chemistry tests. Some of the past language tests available include French, German and Italian.

The Office of State Assessment coordinates and implements the New York State Testing Program. All students from kindergarten to twelfth grade take the state tests under this program.