What's a Good Way to Come up With Funny Captions for Images?


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To come up with a funny caption for images, use the "handles" to briefly describe the scene in the picture, use a punch line to create the caption and edit the caption to maximize the joke. The handles are the most important features of an image, cartoon, picture or photograph, and are the one or two most distinctive things or characters in the picture. The handles also include the actions those things or people perform.

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The first sentence of a caption, or the descriptive sentence, bridges the visual and verbal punch lines together. Next, take the descriptive sentence and brainstorm some keywords that are associated with the main one or two handles. For example, if the handle is pets, some keywords are “veterinarian,” “shelter animal,” “leash laws” or “hair on the furniture.” If any themes appear on the lists of both handles, focus on that handle to create an association and a good caption.

To maximize the funniness of a joke, edit the caption. Shorten the caption by removing any unnecessary syllables or words and end on a laugh trigger or the most surprising word. Finally, ensure every line is clear and simple by giving the wording of the caption a final edit.

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