What's a Good Method for Choosing a Beautiful, Unique Baby Name?

s-good-method-choosing-beautiful-unique-baby-name Credit: Pawel Loj/CC-BY 2.0

Sound, significance and initials are some factors parents should consider when choosing baby names. While parents may want their child to stand out, a particularly unusual name may cause the child unnecessary anguish and attention.

Parents should consider the way a name sounds when said aloud making sure it doesn't sound too harsh. They should also think about how it sounds with their last name.

Name significance can be inspired through family names and language origins. Many choose names to honor a love ones. Others choose names with distinguished meanings such as Ingrid, meaning hero's daughter. Parents can find the meanings and origins of names by conducting some online research.

Other things to consider include initials and how the name will age over time. Digger may sound like a cute name at five but may not sound as appealing at 45. Furthermore, the initials for Brody Ian Gonzales may prove to be an unfortunate choice for an overweight person.

For the best results, say and write out potential names as often as possible to be certain of a good choice.