What Are the Rules of "Ninja Painter" on the Cool Math Website?


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The "Ninja Painter" game on CoolMath-Games.com requires players to paint the marked edges of the room and collect all the stars before exiting each level. Higher levels add more challenges such as different terrain and multiple paint colors.

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In "Ninja Painter," the player uses the mouse or keyboard arrow keys to control a ninja avatar. Each level contains at least one paint can which the ninja must collect before painting. The player must paint a specific area of the room; X's matching the color of a paint can mark the area.

Players must collect the correct color of paint before painting the corresponding squares in the room. For example, if half the room has red X's and half has blue X's, the player must move over the red X's immediately after passing over the red paint can. If the player collects blue paint and then moves over the red X's, nothing happens.

Once the player paints all the X's in a room, the exit appears. Players should collect all the stars in the room before passing over the exit. Some rooms contain environmental elements that affect the ninja's movement. For example, a ladder allows the ninja to stop on each square rather than traveling the full length of the room.

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