How Do You Get Free Rubrics for Projects?


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A source for editable rubrics for student projects is on Edutopia as of 2015. The rubric can be opened in Microsoft Word and edited to meet your specific project requirements.

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Creating a rubric is a critical piece in evaluating student performance on projects. The more thorough and self-explanatory the rubric is, the more students can be self-directed in their learning and project work. Rubrics are sometimes malleable, meaning that students and teachers can work together to create a rubric that makes sense for each project. Some rubrics are a bit more broad, so they do not need to be edited for each student project.

A source for project-based rubrics is Edutopia. This is a teacher source for education resources to be used in project-based learning. Another source is Buck Institute for Education, or BIE, which provides numerous sources for project-based rubrics. Teaching Channel also offers resources for creating rubrics for student projects to complete mid-project and assess student progress.

Perhaps the most useful recourse is on Edutopia, because the rubric there is pre-made and editable based on teacher needs and student work. The rubric template is straightforward and thorough, and it is easy to follow and relatively simple to use.

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