What Is the Role of Trustees at a University?


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The board of trustees at a university acts as the governing body for the university. Its primary objective is to ensure the smooth operation of the school through delegation and the appointment of the president of the university. The board adopts strategic policies, priorities and plans to facilitate the operation of the university. The board of trustees also retains title to the capital assets of the university and is in charge of properly disposing of the university's assets.

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As a governing body, the board of trustees governs directly through policy direction and control and indirectly through the president of the university. Trusteeship is a group effort that still relies on the individual contribution of each member of the board. The board is entrusted with setting goals for the university and subsequently evaluating all progress made toward reaching those goals.

The board of trustees at a university maintains control via objectives, key appointments, ownership and overseer evaluation. The primary way in which the board of trustees fulfills its responsibility to govern the university is through policy control. After appointing the president of the university, the board of trustees offers insight and advice in response to proposed policy changes. The board is also responsible for approving the annual budget for the university.

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