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Reasoning Mind City Tests or RM City Tests include the tests based on various mathematical theories and notes based on them. There are tests to check on students' speed, accuracy and problem-solving skills. There are three different levels in the curriculum on which these tests are based: A- level, B-level and C-level. The levels have their difficulty increased from A to C.

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RM online math curriculum covers grade 2-6 in three stages: Basic I, Basic II and Basic III. Based on the individual topics in each stage, students are tested in three different levels, A, B, and C. A-level tests for a single skills, while B-level have multi-stepped problems and C-level require abstract and logical reasoning. Grade 7 and 8 are covered in pilot stages.

Tests emphasize the importance of solving equations and other algebraic concepts which enable the students to nurture these skills at an early age.Some of the classic examples of RM City tests are matching words with their mathematical expressions, finding the object that has correctly solved equation, identifying whether the given mathematical expression is true or false and finding geometrical dimensions.The questions from the same area of a subject are presentable in different ways, depending upon the level of test.

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