What Are Rhetorical Modes?


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Rhetorical mode is the variety, purposes and conventions of major writing methods. Some of the best known rhetorical modes include exposition, description, augmentation and narration.

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It is important to note that these modes are not monolithic. Narrative modes, for example, contain a group of events bound by a unifying theme. But, narrative modes rarely consist of only a sequence of events.

According to Richard Jewell from the English Department at Inver Hills Community College, there are dozens of subject presentation strategies, with modes being one of the basic ones used. Since the ancient Greek times, rhetorical modes have been used by instructors to teach public speaking and writing, among other things. By knowing the modes, a person stands a chance to understand the methodology or organization of most kinds of writings and presentations.

California State University further states that the subject is suspended in time, allowing the writer to use his or her senses to place the reader in the essay’s environment. The writer can choose to be either objective or subjective. Rhetorical modes are an excellent platform to use for writing a paper. It states that a rhetorical mode gives a learner an opportunity to practice the mode’s pure form in an extended way.

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