How Do You Rewrite a Sentence?


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Rewrite a sentence by checking its grammatical accuracy, reorganizing it for clarity, and making sure that the subject is clear to the reader. Ensure that the new sentence is interesting to its intended audience.

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Begin by checking the original sentence for any grammatical errors. This includes comma splices, sentence fragments, run-on sentences and incorrect verbs. If the rewrite is part of an assignment for a high school or university, take advantage of resources such as tutors and writing centers to help edit for grammatical clarity and to help you rewrite the sentence.

Examine the grammatically revised sentence for boring or unclear elements. For example, using commas to provide brief descriptions of multiple people and objects in the sentence may overwhelm a reader if you use too many of them because he must focus on both the main action in the sentence as well as the descriptive asides. Fix this issue by reorganizing the sentence to put adjectives directly before what they describe. Instead of writing that a character's hand "was cold and clammy," write that she had a "cold, clammy hand."

Consider making the sentence more interesting by changing the subject of the sentence. For example, instead of focusing on who is drinking wine, make the wine the subject and its drinker the object to refocus the reader's attention.

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