Are Reviews of the K12 Online Homeschool Program Generally Favorable?


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The k12 homeschooling curriculum is held at a very high standard according to its review found on the Old Schoolhouse magazine website; however, it has come under some criticism due to its teaching conditions in virtual school. While K12 has become a standard in terms of creating custom curriculums for its teachers, its virtual school program has been receiving negative reviews based on the teacher to student ratio.

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For parents that wish to create their own custom lesson plans, the online interface is helpful in producing assignments and schedules. Everything is accessed through the K12 interface found online. According to The Old SchoolHouse website, this feature is extremely helpful in progressing through all of the lesson plans. Although the system operates well for parents who create their own lesson plans, Jacksonville News has stated K12 is set to be facing accusations in regards to its online school program.

K12 offers an option where students can attend virtual classrooms and learn online. Through this option, students are supposed to have a support system created by the K12 teachers. However, the teachers deal with almost double the state standard of students, 275 as opposed to 150. This has led to online students being unable to connect with their teachers and ultimately failing their courses.

The K12 program is able host a platform for homeschool teachers to create a custom curriculum for their students. This includes supplying the tools, such as workbooks and learning posters, required to create and teach a lesson plan for a school year. The only thing that does not come with the learning package is the lesson plan, which is available online.

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