Is Retaking the ASVAB Test Permitted?


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Students and enlistees may retest one month after the initial ASVAB test and can take a second retest in another month, however, after that point the ASVAB retest policy requires a six month wait between retests. Following this schedule, applicants who meet the age requirements may retest an unlimited number of times.

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If an applicant cannot finish the initial ASVAB or either of the first two retests due to administrative reasons, there is no waiting period, and the invalidated test does not count. If an applicant's initial ASVAB or any of the retests are disqualified due to cheating, they must wait six months for a retest.

Gaining more than 20 points on the Armed Forces Qualification Test part of the ASVAB in a six-month period means the applicant must take a confirmation test. The standard ASVAB retest is allowed six months after the confirmation test.

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