What Are Some Retailers of the "National Building Codes Handbook"?


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Online retailers that carry the "National Building Codes Handbook" by Jonathon F. Hutchings include AbeBooks.com, Amazon.com and Google Books. It is only available in the hardcover version.

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AbeBooks.com carries new and used copies of the "National Building Codes Handbook." Each listing features the International Standard Book Number, which helps buyers know that they are purchasing the right version of the book. Information on where it is being shipped from, shipping rates and shipping speed is also provided. For used book listings, information in provided on the condition the book is in, such as any obvious signs of wear. Certain books come with free shipping within the United States, as of 2016.

Amazon.com also carries new and used versions of this book. Users can read a description of the book and the author on Amazon.com as well as leave feedback on the book.

"National Building Codes Handbook" is an easy to understand guide to building codes for residential and commercial builders. It provides information on the exact building code requirements for passing inspections within the United States, claims the summary on Amazon.com. This book also explains why certain regions have modifications on some of the building codes. Customary and metric measuring units are listed.

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