What Results Have Schools Had That Use the MyON Reader?

Many schools that use the myON reader program have experienced positive results; for example, during the first month of myON reader usage in Charleston County, S.C., schools, students read more than 26,000 books and teachers noticed marked improvement in students' reading and writing skills. Other case studies involving school districts in Tennessee, Oregon and Minnesota, among others, have reported higher test scores and greater interest in reading among pupils.

The myON literacy program is a digital library of more than 2,000 books, most of which are nonfiction. Students involved in the program can access books that appeal to their interests and previous reading habits. The program also reports various metrics based on users' reading habits, such as the number of books accessed, time spent on each book, results of quizzes and forecasts for reading development.

The myON program is designed to help parents, educators and administrators track students' progress in reading and comprehending books. In addition to the text of the books, many volumes are interactive, offering immersive multimedia experiences that help get kids excited about reading. The Charleston County schools reported a particularly high degree of interest from boys, though students of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from the program.