What Are the Results of the 10th Exam?


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The results of the 10th exam, also known as the Secondary School Certificate, are assessed on a nine-point grading scale. The scale runs from A1, which is the highest score, to E2, which is the lowest score. Students earn a certain number of points out of a maximum of 100, so all scores can be converted using a traditional grade point average scale.

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The scores for the 10th exam are in 10-point increments. For example, for a student to earn an A1, he must earn between 91 and 100 points. For an A2, a student must earn between 81 and 90 points, and so on. The exam is typically taken in March of each year, and the results are available a few weeks later.

The 10th exam tests students in eight areas: five core subjects, such as mathematics and a foreign language, and three electives the student may choose from a list of acceptable subjects. The subjects are taught for two years before students take the 10th exam.

The 10th exam is administered to students in India, and it is the final exam for completing the equivalent of a high school diploma. If students pass the 10th exam, they are eligible to apply to enter higher education. In 2014, over 99 percent of students passed the 10th exam.

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