What Are Some Resources for Tests Designed for the Gifted and Talented?


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The Screening Assessment for Gifted Elementary and Middle School Students, or SAGES, is a test specifically developed to screen potentially gifted children for aptitude in reasoning and achievement in subjects like mathematics and social sciences. The National Association of For Gifted Children lists several other forms of testing used to assess children and adults for exceptional talents and abilities. These include commonly used achievement tests such as the SAT and ability assessments such as IQ tests.

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According to Psychology Today, the most effective means of assessing gifted children are privately administered IQ tests such as the Wechsler Intelligence Scale, or WISC IV, or the Stanford Binet test, or SBV. here is a range of tailored IQ tests, some of which are designed for children as young as age 2. However, the effectiveness of early testing in predicting above average reasoning and learning abilities is not always reliable, as certain characteristics of gifted children do not appear until later. Additionally, IQ scores attained from testing children younger than 4 years old are generally unstable, and the scores tend to stabilize and become more reliable as children get older.

Achievement tests can discern how well potentially gifted children are able to learn certain subjects and materials, and they may indicate whether they are more advanced than their peers. These tests may be subject-specific such as tests for performance in mathematics or languages. Standardized tests such as the SATs and ITBS can be used, however it is important that the tests used should not have a ceiling on performance, so that the children can demonstrate all that they know.

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