What Are Some Resources for Teaching Spanish to Kids?

What Are Some Resources for Teaching Spanish to Kids?

Salsa Spanish, Livemocha and 123 Teach Me are some online resources for teaching Spanish to children. Mango Spanish and Little Pim Spanish are paid resources that teach Spanish offline.

Salsa Spanish is a child-oriented Spanish language and cultural series that features 30 units with 15-minute Spanish-only segments or 12 units with 30-minute Spanish-only segments. This resource's lessons are based on traditional children's stories and fairy tales.

Livemocha is a peer exchange language learning system. Users earn credits by checking others' work, and these credits unlock additional lessons. The website Livemocha.com offers beginner and intermediate lessons.

123 Teach Me offers educational Spanish-learning games for PC and mobile devices. The company's website also offers interactive lessons and short videos. Some features are free to use, while others require a paid account to access.

Mango focuses on building language proficiency and cultural understanding around real-world communication skills. The paid service offers lessons that balance conversational skills and grammar. The service is available for free in select public libraries.

Little Pim Spanish is an extension of the Pimsleur Language series. It is available as a downloadable software program or as a DVD. The package includes three video lessons, a free mobile app, a companion guide and vocabulary scripts.