What Resources Provide Practice Test Questions for Economics?

What Resources Provide Practice Test Questions for Economics?

Find practice test questions for economics on websites such as MHEducation.com, SoftSchools.com and MIT.edu. These websites offer sample questions on a variety of fundamental and advanced-level economic topics, such as microeconomics and macroeconomics.

Practice test questions vary based on the level of economics. For example, SoftSchools.com offers quizzes based on Advanced Placement Economics, covering topics such as monetary policy, money markets and Keynesian economics. These quizzes are interactive and often multiple-choice, and provide feedback based on the test-taker's results.

Another resource for practice test questions for economics is MHEducation.com, the online portal of textbook publisher McGraw-Hill. It offers supplementary multiple-choice questions following each unit on the concepts presented in the associated chapter.

Find complete final exams with solutions on the website of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which has made its economics courses public. The Institute provides practice final exams with solutions, as well as the content of the actual exams taken by students at MIT. The exams are provided as part of courses such as Principles of Microeconomics and Intermediate Microeconomic Theory.

Providers of standardized tests, such as the Educational Testing Service, also offer preparatory material on their respective websites. For example, ETS.com includes a study guide with sample economics questions for the test Praxis, which is a test for teachers of economics.