What Are Some Resources for Practicing English Speaking Skills?


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Easy World of English, Dave's ESL Cafe, Activities for ESL Students, Speak English Today and the California Distance Learning Project are some good resources for practicing English speaking skills. These websites focus on grammar, vocabulary and listening to help learners practice their English speaking skills.

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Easy World of English is a user-friendly website that helps English learners practice their pronunciation, grammar and reading skills. It also has a picture dictionary that uses images and sounds to help students learn new vocabulary.

Dave's ESL cafe is a forum where English learners and teachers from all over the world meet to discuss English grammar. The website also has quizzes that English learners can take to improve their English speaking skills. Activities for ESL students has grammar, vocabulary and crossword quizzes for English language learners. It also has bilingual quizzes for different languages from around the world, including Arabic, Swahili, Norwegian and Hebrew.

Speak English Today provides a platform where English language learners can interact and speak to other people online in English. The two-way conversation helps learners practice their English speaking and conversation skills.

The California distance learning project has news stories on different topics that learners can read and listen to. The students then work on quizzes and activities based on these stories to improve their English speaking skills.

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