What Resources Offer Practice Questions for the ITIL Exam?

What Resources Offer Practice Questions for the ITIL Exam?

Go Certify, APMG-International and ITIL 123 are some resources that offer practice questions for the ITIL exam. The practice questions, which users can access online, are all are found within practice exams.

Go Certify offers quizzes featuring 10 questions and answer explanations. The questions are excerpted from the "ITIL V 3 Foundation Exam Video Mentor" by Jill Knapp. As of 2015, the website GoCertify.com offers six quizzes to help students prepare the ITIL Foundation exam.

APMG-International is a professional accrediting service, and the company offers a complete practice exam. The exam features 40 questions in multiple choice format, and test takers are given one hour to complete it. In order to access the exam, users must log in and provide information that has been supplied by an accredited training organization.

ITIL 123 is a Chinese-based organization that offers more than 50 practice ITIL quizzes. Recent quizzes featured on the company's website include various practice quizzes that were based on the 2011 ITIL Syllabus. Each quiz features approximately 40 questions, and users have no time limit to complete it.

Both the Go Certify and ITIL 123 quizzes are free to take. The APMG-International exam fees vary, depending on organization of accreditation.