What Are Some Resources That Offer a List of Title I Schools?

The U.S. Department of Education maintains an online directory of Title I low-income schools and educational service agencies by state at Tcli.Ed.gov. The National Title I Association schools provides a list of selected high-performing Title I schools on its website at Titlei.org.

Title I is a federal program established by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act that provides supplemental funding to states for local elementary and secondary schools. It provides financial support to help school districts educate children who live in areas of high poverty. The program helps ensure that disadvantaged students receive the academic support they need to progress educationally. The U.S. Department of Education administers the program and provides a list of school districts that receive funding each year on its website at Ed.gov.

State and local educational agencies are required to direct Title I funds to schools that enroll the highest proportion of low-income students and to focus attention on students most at risk of failing. During the 2009/2010 school year, Title I funds were provided to more than 56,000 public schools throughout the United States. Of the more than 21 million children assisted during that year, 59 percent were in kindergarten through fifth grade, and 21 percent were in sixth through eighth grade.