What Are Some Resources That Offer Chinese Name Translations for Tattoos?

What Are Some Resources That Offer Chinese Name Translations for Tattoos?

Resources that translate Western names into Chinese include TattooTranslate.com, Chinese-Tools.com/Names, ChineseTools.eu and MandarinTools.com/ChineseName. All four sites allow users to search their name and return a Chinese version.

TattooTranslate.com simply returns the corresponding Chinese characters. It does not provide the meaning nor the pronunciation guide. Chinese-Tools.com does provide the pronunciation, but not the meaning.

MandarinTools.com asks users for both their first and last names, their gender, their birthdate and their "desired essence of the name." The site then displays one character for the surname and two for the given name. Pronunciations without tones are provided for each character, and definitions are provided for the characters in the given name. The site also tells users which Chinese Zodiac sign they were born under.

Different Chinese names may be displayed after two searches with identical criteria. This is intentional on the website's part to provide a number of possible Chinese names and allow the user to choose his favorite.

ChineseTools.eu has two different Chinese name translators. The first, called Chinese Names, asks only for a first name and gender. It displays the pronunciation and offers a selection of 14 fonts. Its other translator, called Real Chinese Name, asks for a first name, gender and personality. Last names are optional. The site then provides the name along with its meaning and pronunciation.