What Resources Does Mometrix Academy Offer for Test Preparation?


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Mometrix Academy offers over 1,000 tutorial videos covering specific skills relevant to various standardized tests as of 2015. The site also offers detailed descriptions of the exams, including the purpose, format, topics covered and time limits. Mometrix Academy offers a newsletter with updates on new courses.

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The information from Mometrix Academy allows test takers to learn more about the test itself in preparation for the exam. This helps the student to know what to expect so that he can focus on those areas during the preparation phase. The information page for each exam includes a written description and an infographic to show the breakdown of the test material.

The exam description page includes links to videos that relate to the content. Each link takes the user to a collection of videos within the category. For example, the video categories on the ASVAB page are arithmetic reasoning, mathematics knowledge, paragraph comprehension and word knowledge. The categories are unique to the specific test based on the material covered on the exam.

Some of the test description pages offer links to practice tests. The practice test pops up on the screen when the user clicks the link. This gives the student a chance to apply the information from the videos to questions similar to those found on the actual assessment.

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