What Are Some Resources for How to Do Math Word Problems?


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Three great online resources for help with math word problems are PurpleMath.com, Dummies.com and StudyGS.net. These three websites have many tutorials, example problems and tips for making word problems much easier to solve.

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PurpleMath.com is dedicated to helping students with all kinds of math, and it offers more than a dozen helpful lessons, practice questions and resources for solving word problems. Students can learn how to find key words in problems to determine how to solve them. PurpleMath.com includes resources on distance, area, currency and quadratic word problems.

Dummies.com has a whole section of free information on solving word problems. This website teaches how to plug in numbers to solve word equations and how to solve complex word problems. It also offers cheat sheets for quick word problem solving. Each article discusses methods of solving the problem, shows example problems and explains how the answer was derived.

StudyGS.net also offers a large section for solving math word problems. This website gives students a quick overview of how to spot key elements of a word problem and follow the clues to solve the problem. There are examples of mathematical phrases and expressions, sample problems and hints to help students solve word problems.

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