What Are Some Free Resources for Learning to Speak Arabic?

What Are Some Free Resources for Learning to Speak Arabic?

Online resources for learning to speak Arabic include MadinahArabic.com and OpenCulture.com. MyEasyArabic.com and SalaamArabic.com also feature many free useful tools for people wishing to learn Arabic. YouTube.com also offers many free videos with tutorials and guidance for students of Arabic at all levels.

Openculture.com is one of the largest portals for free Arabic-learning materials as of 2015. The site features links for learning standard Arabic and Levantine-Egyptian Arabic. There are links for the Foreign Service Institute's language courses as well as beginner lessons and survival Arabic.

MadinahArabic.com features flashcards, vocabulary, a learning forum and a free trial lesson with a native Arabic speaker. The site features a combination of paid and free content, including a bookstore and information about Quranic Arabic.

Myeasyarabic.com offers tools for beginner students. It features information about the difference between standard Arabic and the many spoken dialects. There are resources for learning the Arabic alphabet as well as how to write the language and a pronunciation guide to read sentences.

Salaamarabic.com features resources for both beginner and intermediate students. There are topics such as travel, social etiquette, the human body, religions and time. There are units that focus solely on the beginning, middle or final consonants. The site features vocabulary and grammar to create balanced lessons for students.