What Are Some Resources to Learn to Speak Ilocano?


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Find resources to learn to speak Ilocano at Ilocanohi.Tripod.com, WikiTravel.com and MultilingualBooks.com. Find a phonetically based teaching resource with soundbites at Ilocanohi.Tripod.com. This website contains materials that are compatible with PDAs and cellphones.

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Find a phrasebook full of common phrases needed while traveling at WikiTravel.com This website lists key phrases, including introductions and greetings, expressing hunger, and asking for help.

Find access to books, courses and software to learn Ilocano at MultilingualBooks.com. This website offers coursework via the "Ilokano Newspaper Reader." This book contains 25 articles, a cumulative glossary, and lexical information to learn how to read and interpret Ilocano.

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