What Resources Does Imagine Learning Offer for Kids?

What Resources Does Imagine Learning Offer for Kids?

Imagine Learning offers resources for children who are learning English as a second language, are struggling readers, are in early childhood education programs, or who have learning disabilities. Programs use interactive activities, games and videos to help students learn and are aligned with Common Core Standards.

Imagine Learning's program for English language learners uses a specialized software program to accelerate children's learning of the English language. The program focuses on oral language, the components of reading and academic vocabulary and offers first-language support.

Struggling readers can use the program to help them master reading. The program is designed to allow students to read at grade level and develop the skills needed to have a career and be successful in college.

The early childhood education program offers kids a better start. The program uses interactive instruction to help kids learn pre-literacy skills. Children are also taught vocabulary, school readiness skills and listening comprehension.

Students who have disabilities receive an interactive program that helps them build on their strengths. Constant assessment shows students, parents and teachers how a child is doing and placement is automatic. Multi-sensory practice allows any student to learn, and the program offers explicit instruction to help ensure student success. Speaking, vocabulary, reading and listening comprehension are all covered in the program.