What Are Some Resources for Finding Yoruba Words and Their Meanings?


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Good resources for finding Yoruba words and their meanings are available at MyLanguages.org, AfricanSpiritualityNow.wordpress.com and NigerianDictionary.com. Find common phrases and expressions including greetings and introductions in Yoruba translated to English at MyLanguages.org. This website also contains the Yoruba alphabet, numbers, pronouns, adverbs and adjectives.

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Find Yoruba phrases for beginners at AfricanSpiritualityNow.wordpress.com. This website includes common greeting and farewell expressions, as well as holiday wishes, romance and love phrases, directions and emergency survival phrases. Additionally, the site includes phrases about travel and ordering at restaurants.

Find an alphabetic dictionary and translations of Yoruba words at NigerianDictionary.com. This website also features a word of the day, and select words contain audio pronunciation guides.

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