What Are Some Resources for Finding Medical Answers Online?

What Are Some Resources for Finding Medical Answers Online?

MayoClinic.org, MerckManuals.com, WebMD.com and Medscape.com are comprehensive sources of physician-approved medical information and definitions of medical terms. PDR.net, the Web page of the Physician's Desk Reference drug manual, lists drugs by generic and commercial names and describes their indications, interactions and contraindications.

MayoClinic.org, hosted by the Mayo Clinic, hosts a Patient Care and Health Information section, accessed by clicking its tab on the home page. The section lists links to information on diseases and conditions, symptoms, procedures and drugs. The Patient Care section also retrieves an alphabetical list of links when the user clicks on the first letter of a disease or condition.

MerckManuals.com provides information on symptoms, diseases, drugs and procedures and uses simple language to explain complex medical information to consumers and laypersons. Merck Manual Professional Edition is available through the Merck website and serves medical professionals and medical students.

WebMd.com serves as an information clearinghouse for patients and health-conscious consumers. The site features a search option on its home page to look up diseases, drugs and treatments by name or key word and also features news stories related to health concerns. Medscape.com, WebMD's professional version, addresses topics by specialty as well as through a Reference section listing topics such as diseases, anatomy and laboratory research. Medscape also offers a free app that retrieves answers to medical questions via mobile phone.

PDR, the Physician's Desk Reference, serves professionals in clinical settings and provides in-depth answers to questions about drugs and treatments.