What Resources Are Available for Teaching Young Kids About the History of China?

Web and print resources for teaching the history of China can be found through Best of History Websites, Primary Source and Asia for Educators. These sites offer a collection of resources in the form of links, books, lesson plans, articles, videos, art, maps and more.

Best of History Websites brings together dozens of Web sources for teachers and students to use, including brief historical overviews of ancient China's dynasties. Primary Source offers links to lesson plans for different age groups. Those lesson plans reveal what articles, books or websites can help students explore Chinese history and navigate the lesson.

Asia for Educators brings together high-quality resources for learning, such as outline maps, full-color maps, visuals, links and questions for student assessment. This site also offers videos with discussion questions, puzzles and games to help young learners connect to the information about China in a meaningful way. For videos that cannot be streamed online, Asia for Educators offers a search database to locate any media resource that educators may need when teaching Chinese history. Depending on the age of the students, there are many interactive websites where students can explore Chinese history by playing games, solving puzzles and engaging in challenges.