What Resources Are Available for AP Chemistry Help?


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Two of the best resources for AP Chemistry help are Science Geek and Varsity Tutors. Each of the sites offer a host of academic resources, including study guides, practice questions and more. The sites are a great choice for students who are studying for the AP Chemistry test or just looking to brush up on unfamiliar concepts.

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What Resources Are Available for AP Chemistry Help?
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Science Geek provides a wealth of online resources, including many taken directly from actual AP Chemistry courses. Students can access PowerPoint presentations, study notes, interactive practice exercises and a variety of other study aides. The site also offers a large collection of links to free software, including programs for graphic representation, chemical modeling and general study. Science Geek also offers a useful selection of programs for TI-83 and TI-84 graphing calculators.

Varsity Tutors offers free AP Chemistry study concepts, explanations and example questions, and all are accessed through an intuitive online syllabus. The site offers an alphabetized list of AP Chemistry terms and concepts that range from atomic structure to spontaneous reactions. Also of note is the free diagnostic test, which helps students identify which concepts they're familiar with and the ones with which they still need to work. The site also offers a variety of other free practice tests and flashcards for quick study sessions. Varsity Tutors is a highly respected site that has been featured in publications such as "Forbes," "The Huffington Post" and "USA Today."

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