What Are Some of the Requirements for Third Grade in School?

Some requirements for third graders in language arts are fluency in reading, a large common sight-word vocabulary and the ability to comprehend grade-level text. Some math requirements are mastery of addition and subtraction, an understanding of and strategies for multiplication and division within 100, and an understanding of fractions.

A third grader should be able to extract the meaning of an unfamiliar word by the surrounding context and sound out unfamiliar words. Other required areas of study are spelling, basic grammar, sentence structure, punctuation and capitalization. One should have the ability to describe a 2-dimensional object and have an understanding of a geometric area.

On a Grade 3 STAR (Standardized Testing and Reporting) analysis of basic English-Language Arts skills, 7 percent of students were able to answer a basic-level comprehension question correctly. Forty-one percent of students were able to correctly answer an advanced reading comprehension question on the STAR.

There are no specific standardized requirements for third-grade students in social studies, science, music or art; these are particular to states and local districts. Some districts consider the ability to hop, skip and jump, kick or throw a ball at a stationary target, and perform the chicken dance appropriate for a third -grader's physical development level.