What Are Some Requirements for Getting a Teaching Degree?


The requirements for getting a teaching degree depend on the location and the type of teaching, but often include having a college education, getting board certification and having a clean background check. In most areas, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required for a teaching degree.

There are some teachers that don’t need a bachelor's degree, such as some substitute teachers or those teaching younger grades, though this varies based on the school district. Some teaching degrees for college and higher require a master’s degree in teaching.

Each state has its own teaching certification requirements, so check the local guidelines. Some states require teachers to pass an exam, complete a year of mentoring by seasoned teachers, and take CPR and first aid. Most teachers need to get licensing from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

Some states have specific requirements based on the grade to be taught. For example, California has different credential requirements for elementary school, secondary or middle school, high school, college and special education. People who want to teach at a local adult school or community college also need special licensing and credentials. Teachers who already have experience in another state and want a license in California should speak with the local teaching board about specifics.