What Are Some Requirements for Earning an Elementary Teaching Degree?


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The requirements for an elementary teaching degree are usually a full slate of general education coursework, a reading- and writing-based major curriculum, and some degree of professional immersion. Elementary teaching degrees may be offered as undergraduate bachelor's programs, graduate Master's programs, or both. The requirements to obtain this degree vary between academic institutions but all follow the same core guidelines.

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General education coursework describes the basic breadth of education experience required by any college or university to receive a bachelor's degree, though the courses and credit hour quantities may vary between schools. In master's programs, students proceed directly into focused coursework in a more focused and advanced education track.

Most elementary education degree programs require students to take courses that prepare them to be teachers while steering them toward a specific focal area. For example, the Bachelor's in Elementary Teaching degree at the University of Michigan requires applicants to choose a teaching major in one of four subjects, while completing courses that deal with teaching methods and educational psychology.

Elementary education degree programs usually integrate professional experience into the curriculum. This includes student teaching and observation while a person is still getting a degree, as well as professional workshops. Many programs also ask that students start the process of becoming certified, including taking subject readiness exams and other requirements of a specified state, before receiving a degree.

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