What Are Some Requirements to Go to College?

A high school transcript and a competitive GPA, a high school diploma or general equivalency diploma, standardized test scores, an admissions essay and an interview are some requirements to go to college. There is no standard list of requirements, as some schools do not require standardized test scores but do consider other factors during the admissions process, such as a candidate's personal maturity, potential, record of extracurricular activities and residency.

Out-of-state applicants to the University of California Berkley, for example, must have a mean GPA of 3.4, whereas California students should have a 3.0. In this case, the minimum GPA requirement for an out-of-state student is slightly higher for a non-resident candidate because he needs to be competitive with other non-residents vying for on-campus living space.

Candidates of arts programs have additional requirements to fulfill during the admissions process, such as supplying portfolios of past work or participating in auditions and basic assessment tests.

Letters of recommendation and an application fee are some other items that colleges may require with each application packet. Some colleges and universities still offer undergraduate application fee waivers for applicants with special circumstances, such as financial hardships or independent status.

Instead of waiting for final transcripts, the University of Wisconsin emails prospective applicants in the middle of the senior year, and in turn, candidates self-report grades.