What Are the Requirements for a Civil Engineer Online Degree?


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The requirements for a civil engineer online degree include the completion of certain number of upper division, lower division and elective courses. Some schools allow students to substitute a project for elective courses.

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At Columbia University, students have to complete four graduate courses with a minimum GPA of 3.0 to apply for admissions to the graduate program. Once they have entered the program, they need to take upper division and elective courses to obtain a degree.

Colorado State University requires students to complete at least 30 credits for a master’s degree in civil engineering. Out of those 30 credits, at least 15 must be civil engineering courses. The school does not count independent study credits toward graduation. Students have to earn at least 24 credits from the university at the 500-level or above. The school does not allow students to take more than two courses at the 400-level at Colorado State University.

Iowa State University requires students to earn at least 30 credits. At least 18 credits out of those 30 must be within their areas of specialization. Students must take at least six credits outside their areas of specialization, and must complete at least 20 credits at the 500-level or above. Students who specialize in construction engineering and management can substitute a project for two elective courses. Students can work with their employers on a research project on a topic of mutual interest.

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