What Are Some Requirements for Attending Online Reflexology School?

Online reflexology schools require students to have a high school diploma or its equivalent, and be well-versed in the sciences. The online courses mainly offer coursework and are conducted via videos, websites and manuals. Some online programs require students to document unsupervised, hands-on foot manipulation and make related videos.

Online reflexology courses usually fall short of the requirements set forth by the American Reflexology Certification Board. The ARCB test is open only to students who have undergone hands-on learning and practice. It also requires them to have a minimum of 110 hours of classroom instruction, preferably by ARCB-certified instructors. Students can choose to supplement online courses with supervised practical sessions separately.

Training programs may involve exclusive focus on reflexology, or may be part of a broader field of massage. Trained and certified professionals can practice independently or work in hospitals, health spas, or sports and fitness centers.

Reflexology is a type of massage that involves application of pressure at reflex points to achieve therapeutic effects. These reflex points are generally located at the hands, feet and ears. Reflexology helps to relieve pain in different parts of the body, as well as reduce stress and fatigue. It is considered an alternative practice, which is a part of traditional Chinese medicine.