What Are the Requirements for Attending The Art Institute?


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The Art Institute caters to those interested in pursuing a career in various types of art, so it is crucial to have a passion and a great interest in art, as well as a measure of ability. Transcripts from previous schools are required, and an essay may be requested.

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New high school students looking to enroll in the Art Institute must have earned their high school diploma or a General Education Diploma, known as a GED. Those students must submit an official copy of their transcripts to the institution stating their grades as well as their future graduation date. The enrollment of high school students must be approved by the President of the Art Institute. Each Art Institute branch has its own requirements, but the GPA in order to attend most of the schools is a minimum of 2.0.

New students who have already earned an Associate's Degree must provide official copies of their high school transcripts and transcripts of every accredited college or university attended. New students with a Bachelor’s Degree must submit transcripts of the college or university attended as well, but high school transcripts are not necessary. For any submission of transcripts, the student must send them at least a month or two before classes begin, to avoid any enrollment issues.

New students may be required to submit an essay 48 hours after submitting an application for enrollment. The essays must be one to two pages long, double-spaced and in 12-point Times New Roman font. The students may submit a portfolio, but they are not always required to do so. The student interested in joining any of the Art Institutes is required to submit his SAT or ACT score, as it greatly helps in getting accepted.

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